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PJ Steel is committed to performing every work activity in a safe and incident-free manner with the highest regard for quality workmanship. Protection of the environment and the health and safety of all our stakeholders, especially our customers, employees and subcontractors.  It is an integral part of our daily activities.  PJ Steel will act proactively with regard to Health, Safety and Environmental and community issues.  This behavior requires combined efforts of a concerned management, responsible and knowledgeable supervision and conscientious, well-trained employees.

PJ Steel will take all actions necessary to exceed all applicable customer and government Health, Safety and Environmental requirements, laws and regulations.  We will continually monitor and improve operations, processes, procedures and programs that are conductive to maintaining an incident and injury free work place.  We are committed to providing a safe, drug-free environment for both our employees and customers.



  • All Injuries and Incidents Are Preventable
  • Safety Leadership Is Everyone's Responsibility
  • Working Safely Is A Requirement of Our Safety Culture
  • Preventing Injuries and Incidents Are Morally Right and Expected of All On Sites
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